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Transport of goods by road

road freight

Fleet of vehicles

The fleet of vehicles of Transportes Navarro Vega is composed of 25 tractor heads and 25 refrigerated trailers, as well as 2 canvas trailers for road transport of goods that do not need cold during the journey.

We adapt to the needs of our customers, and offer quality service for road transport of goods both a whole trailer with the same goods, ensuring that both the cold chain and the physical condition of it goes in optimal conditions to its place of discharge, as loose pallets with various types of goods. 

We have the necessary equipment to be able to transport different types of fruit and vegetables at different temperatures even within the same trailer and that both arrive in the agreed conditions.

Our fleet is equipped with a GPS tracking system updated daily to market developments. In addition to the tracking of the vehicle, we track the goods, keeping track at all times of the temperature at which the trailer is going and thus allowing the customer to get the picture of the site and the status of their goods throughout the trip. 

As we have already mentioned in other sections and as we are a family business, being here 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is a FACT in this house, which gives us an added value against the competition. Here the work chain does not stop at any time, with a degree of involvement that reaches a personal level.

road freight
environment policy


Our environmental policy is focused on reducing emissions into the atmosphere, controlling and reducing the carbon footprint generated by our trucks. All our vehicles are adapted to the current regulations and we have our own diesel and adblue tanks.

In addition, the cleaning products used to maintain the optimum condition of the trailers are basically carefully monitored and their technical specifications controlled by the management, as our main source of income is the transport of goods by road and we know the care and responsibility that this entails.


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