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Navarro Vega Transport

Navarro Vega Transport

The story behind Transportes Navarro Vega

Transportes Navarro Vega is a family company that, since its beginnings in the 70s with the founder D. Pedro Navarro, by the hand of his son Antonio Jesús Navarro Vega, made possible that on June 14, 2012 saw the light the company as we know it today that comes guaranteed by more than 40 years of experience in the transport sector and more than 25 years at the service of frozen.

During all these years we have dedicated our day to day transport and distribution of fruit and vegetables by all the markets, fish markets and supermarkets in Spain and part of Europe, both in groupages as in full trucksThis has allowed us to identify the needs of our customers and offer them the service they require.

Our goal has always been the satisfaction of our customers. That is why we have the most up-to-date technology in the sector in terms of vehicle tracking to offer a permanent picture of both the situation and the condition and temperature of the goods throughout the journey. 

Our team is of a high professional level and with great experience in the road transport sector.

Our staff is highly qualified and has extensive experience, who are responsible for organizing and recommending to each client which of our personalized services will be most optimal for each specific need.

The Transporte Navarro Vega team, made up of more than 40 people, is distributed among the Management, Commercial, Logistics, Traffic, Transport, Maintenance, Human Resources and Administration departments.

At the beginning Mr. Pedro Navarro started with his own truck, years later his son followed him and in 1991 they added 2 trucks and grew progressively until reaching the 25 trucks that make up the fleet today. 

However, this is not the top priority for Transportes Navarro Vega S.L.; they have a growth and diversification plan in hand to adapt and fit in with the needs of their clients for 2021.


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